“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

~ Virginia Woolf

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

~ Anton Chekhov



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About Us, Tention Books

The new paradigm. Publishing in the 21st Century

We've Come A Long Way

We are passionate about great fiction. We won't mess around if we love a book

Tention Publishing Limited (trading name 'Tention Books') was set up in the UK in 2012. The Company's initial intention was to be the sole publisher of the novels of John Dolan, the Company's owner and founder. Since then, over 325,000 copies of John's books have been sold and downloaded. As the Company's experience grew in matters of publishing, the decision was taken in July 2019 for the Company to accept submissions from other authors for publication.

Times have changed. The old model, where the writer either had to rely on the noblesse oblige of established publishing houses or else resort to vanity publishing, has been blown away. The introduction of the electronic book, championed and expanded by Amazon among others, has brought self-publishing into the mainstream. Authors now have a real choice as to how to get their books to market, and are exercising that choice in their tens of thousands. Traditional publishers are having to adjust their way of doing business to accommodate this new reality. Bricks-and-mortar bookshops are under pressure. The entire industry is undergoing a period of turmoil.

Small niche electronic publishing houses are springing up, offering a variety of business models which resemble vanity publishing or self-publishing at one end of the spectrum, and are akin to more traditional publishing at the other end.


Tention Books sits somewhere in the middle of this continuum. We have designed a streamlined system aimed at getting our books to market as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a minimum of huffing and puffing. We only publish electronic books - save in the case of one specific author - as we do not believe at present that the paperback business is profitable other than for medium-to-large publishing houses with substantial backlists. Perhaps this situation will change as the market evolves further. We will be monitoring this closely as we move forward. Further details of our business model are contained elsewhere on this website for those who are interested.